(dä-vān′, -vĕn′), Casimir Joseph 1812-1882.
French physician and microbiologist who identified a bacillus as the causative agent of anthrax and advocated the germ theory of disease before Pasteur.
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In 1850, Rayer and Davaine discovered the rods in the blood of anthrax-infected sheep, setting the stage for Koch to link the disease to the bacterium in 1876, after he performed a series of experiments that fulfilled what came to be known as Koch's postulates.
Por otra parte, los estudios de Joseph Casimir Davaine (18121882) sobre el carbunco o antrax, que afecta al ganado y que puede transmitirse a las personas, fueron contribuciones muy notables a la bacteriologia.
In 1873, the French bacteriologist Davaine used tincture of iodine as an agent to treat anthrax in patients suffering from this infection.
La unica especie que ha sido reconocida como causante de la infeccion en humanos y en la mayoria de otros mamiferos es la Giardia duodenalis Davaine 1875, sinonimo de Giardia lamblia y Giardia intestinales (Cordero del Campillo y Rojo Vazquez, 1999; Atias, 1991; Acha y Szyfres, 1992).
French scientist Casimir Davaine had shown that by inoculating blood that contained these bodies, the disease could be transmitted to healthy animals.
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But in 1770, 10 years before epizootic anthrax had been reasonably well described by Chabert (3) and 95 years before its microbial cause was fully demonstrated by Davaine (4), the term charbon ("charcoal") was sometimes applied nonspecifically to other human diseases producing skin lesions, including not only dark or violaceous lesions of any sort but also plague and smallpox.
The event was beautifully illuminated by Davaine Lighting of Jackson.