(dō-sā′), Jean Born 1916.
French physiologist. He shared a 1980 Nobel Prize for discoveries concerning cell structure that enhanced understanding of the immunological system, resulting in higher success rates in organ transplantation.
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The discovery of the first HLA antigen is credited to French immunologist Jean Dausset (1916-2009).
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(3,4) The breakthrough in unlocking this mystery came in 1958, when Jean Dausset discovered the human major histocompatibility complex (henceforth, referred to as the HLA complex), which shed much needed light on transplant biology.
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(11) El informalismo o arte informal fue un movimiento artistico europeo originado alrededor de 1945 y teorizado por el critico de arte Michel Tapie en 1951, con ocasion de la exposicion "Vehemences conforntees", realizada en la galeria Nina Dausset de Paris.