Daubenton plane

Dau·ben·ton plane

the plane of the foramen magnum.
See also: Daubenton angle, Daubenton line.
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Daubenton plane

[Louis Jean Marie Daubenton, Fr. physician, 1716–1800]
A plane passing through the opisthion and inferior bones of the orbits.
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Louis J.M., French physician, 1716-1799.
Daubenton angle - an angle formed by the junction of lines coming from the basion and from the projection in the median plane of the lower border of the orbits. Synonym(s): angulus occipitalis ossis parietalis; occipital angle of parietal bone
Daubenton line - the line passing between the opisthion and the basion.
Daubenton plane - the plane of the foramen magnum.
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