(D'Aubenton) (dō-ban-ton[h]'),
Louis J.M., French physician, 1716-1799. See: Daubenton angle, Daubenton line, Daubenton plane.
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Amwaj Rotana director of F&B Alban Daubenton agrees and says: "It is important to get a third party, whether a franchise or a lease, because it helps you to bring footfall and to get known in the market.
Baie Daubenton Port du Debut = port of commencement.
Stalnaker (French and romance philology, Columbia University) takes the descriptive style of the French Enlightenment compilers of natural history, such as Buffon, Daubenton and Saint-Pierre, and considers it in the light of shifts in methods of ordering knowledge.
RUE DAUBENTON is the sort of layered text one expects from a well-established poet like Paul Chanel Malenfant.
The female Daubenton bat, which has since died, was found to have potentially deadly European Bat Lyssavirus (EBLV) - a strain of bat rabies.
Experts from Defra said a dying Daubenton bat was discovered in the Stokesay area of Shropshire last Sunday by a member of the public, who took it to an animal hospital for treatment.
Dumoutier defended the naturalist Daubenton who placed the occipital cavity further back in African heads, as if they were more like animals.
Daubenton joined Rotana Hotels in January 2011 as F&B director at Al Bustan Rotana, Dubai.
The grassland, woodland and hedgerow provide foraging and roosting sites for a number of bat species, for example, Noctule, Longeared and the rarer Daubenton.
Natur Gwynedd is leading a bat hunt for species known to inhabit the Llanberis area, such as the common and soprano pipistrelle, long eared, daubenton and the rare lesser horseshoe bat.
David was bitten by a Daubenton bat and contracted a rare type of rabies, European Bat Lyssavirus.
A Daubenton bat carrying the same strain of the disease that killed a Scottish artist in 2002 was captured in Perthshire.