(D'Aubenton) (dō-ban-ton[h]'),
Louis J.M., French physician, 1716-1799. See: Daubenton angle, Daubenton line, Daubenton plane.
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There are more than five known species of protected bats in the area of Betton and Oakley including the common pipistrelle, Daubenton's bat, the brown long-eared bat, noctule and the soprano pipistrelle.
An officer's report from 2014/15 citing surveys indicated that the site was in use by badgers, otters, brown hares, honey buzzards, goshawks, peregrines and nightjars, as well as pipistrelle, whiskered, daubenton and noctule bat species.
ZOO THE ALL YOU NEWS LATEST "By listening to various sound frequencies we can determine which type of bats we have and so far we have evidence of nine species." Three of the bats Chris and the group managed to photograph were the brown long-eared bat, the Daubenton's bat and the Natter's bat.
There are 17 species of bat in the UK, including local favourites like brown long-eared, Daubenton's, greater horseshoe, Natterer's and whiskered.
Dictionnaire classique des sciences naturelles, presentant la definition, l'analyse et l'histoire de tous les etres qui composent les trois regnes, leur application generale aux arts, a l'agriculture, a la medicine, a l'economie domestique, etc.; resumant les travaux de Buffon, Daubenton, Lacepede, Cuvier, de Jussieu, etc., etc.
In such fiords, the Daubenton's bat hunts just above the water and takes prey from the surface, similar to the behaviour over freshwater (Michaelsen et al.
Prey detection in trawling insectivorous bats: duckweed affects hunting behaviour in Daubenton's bat, Myotis daubentonii.--Behav.
Animal conservationist David McRae, 56, of Guthrie in Angus, contracted rabies and died in 2002 after being bitten on the hand by a Daubenton's bat.
Buffon, Georges Louis Leclerc comte de; Daubenton, Louis-Jean-Marie,; Gueneau De Montbeliard, Philibert; & Lacepede, Bernard Germain Etienne comte de (1752-1805) Histoire Naturelle, Generale et Particuliere, avec la description du Cabinet du Roi.
Roosts in trees also resulted in counts of soprano pipistrelle, daubenton and noctule bats.