Datura metel

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Da·tu·ra me·'tel

Datura fastuosa L. var. alba; a species that contains scopolamine as its chief alkaloid and traces of hyoscyamine and atropine.
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Effects of aldicarb, Datura stramonium, Datura metel and Tagetes minuta on the pathogenicity of root-knot nematodes in Kenya, Crop Protection, 12: 315-317.
innermis (Lilliaceae) Lycium gharqad Lycium shawii (Solanaceae Bitter apple handal Citrullus colocynthis (Cucurbitaceae) Spurge tree Labna Euphorbia larica (Tuphorbiaceae) Rubber bush shakr Calotropis procera Camel weed (Asclepicfaceae) Thorn apple/ Mazi Solatium incanum N ight shade (Solanaceae) Ginger Zanjabil Zingiber officinale (Zingiberaceae) Angels trumpet Tatorah Datura metel (Solanaceae) Namaqua fig Tha'ab Ficus cordata (Moraceae) Red thorn Thbeean Acacia gerardii (Fabaceae) Khejri Ghaf Prosopis cineraria (Fabaceae) Dates Nakhleh Phoenix dactylifera (Arecaceae) Caralluma Qahr al-luhum Carallumaflava (Asclepidaceae) Name of the Major chemical Uses herb constituents Rose water Citronellal, geraniol, Astringent, cardiac methyl euginol, linalool, and cephalic tonic.
Datura are potent medicinal members of the Solanaceae family, relatives of other well known strnomium plants Various species of Datura as traditional medicine worldwide, primary among them are Datura innoxia, Datura metel, and Datura stramonium.
Comparable antifungal activity of various organic solvent fractions of methanolic extracts of Datura metel WIthania somnifera
For treatment of wounds or paralysis, an Oraon formulation consisted of crushed shoots of Calotropis gigantea, leaves of Datura metel, flowers of Acacia farnesiana, clove of Allium sativum, and seeds of Brassica campestris were combined together and boiled to make a cake which was applied to wounds or paralyzed areas.
The stems/barks or their ashes of Datura Metel and Nerium Odorum have been found to be sensitive to phosphate ions.
The Datura genus also includes Datura inoxia, Datura metel, Datura arborea and Datura stramonium, which are generally referred to as D.
This week's online offer is for a Double Datura Metel for just pounds 2.
The selected medicinal plants Vitex negundo (leaves), Argemone maxicana (roots), Moringa oleifera (bark), Solanum virgirnianum fruit) and Datura metel (roots) were collected in the month of November 2006 from a field near Nanded City (MS), while the Cuminum cyminum (seeds) and Zingiber officinale (rhizome) were purchased from the local market at Nanded city (MS).
Datura metel Ballerina Tutu: This half-hardy perennial which needs frost protection produces beautiful, double, upward-facing pale pink flowers with a light scent.