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A device for converting energy into mechanical motion.

dental engine

A machine that rotates dental instruments.

high-speed engine

A machine that rotates a dental instrument in excess of 12,000 rpm.

ultraspeed engine

A machine that rotates a dental instrument at speeds from 100,000 to 300,000 rpm.
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Initial installations have used the FoxPro and Sybase database engines running on PC hardware.
* Finds, adds, edits, and deletes information faster using the newly optimized FileMaker Server 8 database engine.
Developed on ASP.NET 3.5 and the latest release of the Microsoft SQL server Database engine, the current edition incorporates an enhanced search engine that can find data on page content, news, staff, and academic information.
Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), a provider of active enterprise data warehousing solutions, introduced on Monday (21 April) a new family of platforms featuring the Teradata 12.0 database engine.
illuminate Solutions have announced that it will begin selling its database engine and tool suite in North America on April 14, 2008.
It focuses on the core database server product and day- to-day administrative and management aspects and tools, as well as covering new features of the database engine and new components.
As the leading database of choice for production data warehousing, Oracle9i Database is the only database that provides a single, integrated database engine for scalable and high-performing data warehousing implementations.
KazPlan uses Microsoft SQL Server as its database engine, ensuring that there are virtually no limitations to the number of resources that can be scheduled.
Informix Software announced Red Brick Decision Server 6.1, the latest version of its database engine for data warehousing in Web or conventional decision-support environments.
They include improved product reliability, stability, performance, and more robust Microsoft Office import and export filters, reduced file sizes, full online help and written documentation, a complete database engine on an major platforms, graphics power enhancements, and introduction of XML as a file format.
The larger 350K Mobile database engine has been devised to allow larger CE-based devices to synchronize with a corporate database; it also supports Sybase, Oracle and SQL server databases.

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