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A person or entity managing executive duties.


Informatics A user registered to a server who has one or more class privileges.
Managed care A white-collar worker, usually a nonphysician, who directs and/or manages the operational aspects of an enterprise—e.g., a medical center or bureaucracy.


Bureaucracy A white-collar worker, usually a nonphysician, who directs and/or manages operational aspects of a business or bureaucracy. See Scientific review administrator, State fluoridation administrator, Third-party administrator.


A person or entity managing executive duties.


n a person who manages or directs a dental benefits program on behalf of the program's sponsor. See also third-party administrator and dental benefits organization.
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SQL mobile manager makes database administrators more productive and extends the functionality of BlackBerry handheld devices with these powerful SQL Server management capabilities:
Taught by Global Knowledge instructors with real-world Oracle expertise, the bootcamp and courses are designed to educate professionals such as data analysts, database administrators, and system administrators, and Oracle developers.
was founded in 2005 by a group of software experts, for the purpose of helping database programmers, database administrators, and quality assurance engineers achieve better management and control over their SQL server environments.
As MySQL gains widespread adoption and moves more broadly into the enterprise, ZRM for MySQL addresses the growing need among database administrators to protect their digital assets with a comprehensive backup and recovery solution," said Marten Mickos, CEO of MySQL AB.
Automated delivery of newly available software is a terrific benefit to busy database administrators," said Andy Astor, chief executive officer, EnterpriseDB.
SELECT Database Wrapper helps integrate the cultures of component developers and database administrators.
DB Audit's Performance Analysis Module Helps Database Administrators and Developers Configure Microsoft SQL Server for Maximum Performance and Identify the Cause of Poor Performance in a MS SQL Server Environment
Products that help network managers and database administrators demonstrate adherence to the most important requirements helps reduce the cost of compliance initiatives.

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