Data Dredging

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(1) The use of a multiple-comparison method—e.g., Scheffe’s test—which allows investigators performing a study to select group means to test after the experiment begins, by allowing possible comparisons, one of which may suggest a trend in a study, hence the term ‘dredging’
(2) Digging through the data in a clinical trial trying to find statistically significant trends or differences between therapeutic arms
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He explains how methodology and data management can be driven to produce desired results, and how small associations are easy to "find" in a data dredge.
Junglee created JobCanopy, a search engine that might better be called a data dredge. It can go into any web site (with permission), collect information from any format, tag the content with one of 31 attributes and then feed it into a "virtual" relational database whose contents then can be queried, using combinations of those 31 attributes to refine the search.
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