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a gathering together.
data collection the process of acquiring subjects and gathering information needed for a study; methods of collection will vary depending on the study design.
research data collection in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as collecting research data.
specimen collection in the omaha system, the obtaining of specimens of body fluids, secretions, or excreta, including blood, urine, feces, sputum, or drainage.

data collection

In the context of clinical research, the accessing and recording information that provides source data for analysis and interpretation.
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The strength of interpretation attached to a linkage depends on the proper design and execution of a sound data collection plan. The current paper uses a real data set to illustrate how to indirectly assess the quality of linking the scores on two assessments that contain neither equivalent groups nor common anchor material.
Appendices include: (1) ASK/FOSS Data Collection Plan; (2) Data Collection Instruments; and (3) Correlation Matrix--All Instruments.
The following are appended: (1) Data Collection Plan; (2) Interview; (3) Observation Checklist; (4) Interview #2; and (5) Teacher Survey.
The guide is organized around the five basic steps of effective prevention planning and evaluation: (1) identifying specific goals and objectives; (2) reviewing the evaluation research; (3) outlining how the intervention will work; (4) creating and executing a data collection plan; and (5) providing feedback to the intervention program.
Rider also brings experience in advanced manufacturing process methodologies and will implement data collection plans using techniques in sampling, data capture, processing tools, system security and regulatory compliance.
Data collection plans are scheduled to document types and amounts of litter collected, enabling ESO to have a better understanding of the best way to mitigate the issue of coastal and marine debris.

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