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 [ah-nal´ĭ-sis] (pl. anal´yses)
separation into component parts.
psychoanalysis. adj., adj analyt´ic.
activity analysis the breaking down of an activity into its smallest components for the purpose of assessment.
bivariate analysis statistical procedures that involve the comparison of summary values from two groups on the same variable or of two variables within a group.
blood gas analysis see blood gas analysis.
chromosome analysis see chromosome.
concept analysis examination of the attributes of a concept as it occurs in ordinary usage in order to identify the meanings attached to the concept.
content analysis a systematic procedure for the quantification and objective examination of qualitative data, such as written or oral messages, by the classification and evaluation of terms, themes, or ideas; for example, the measurement of frequency, order, or intensity of occurrence of the words, phrases, or sentences in a communication in order to determine their meaning or effect.
correlational analysis a statistical procedure to determine the direction of a relationship (positive or negative correlation) between two variables and the strength of the relationship (ranging from perfect correlation through no correlation to perfect inverse correlation and expressed by the absolute value of the correlation coefficient).
analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) a variation of analysis of variance that adjusts for confounding by continuous variables.
data analysis the reduction and organization of a body of data to produce results that can be interpreted by the researcher; a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods may be used, depending upon the nature of the data to be analyzed and the design of the study.
ego analysis in psychoanalytic treatment, the analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the ego, especially its defense mechanisms against unacceptable unconscious impulses.
gait analysis see gait analysis.
gastric analysis see gastric analysis.
multiple-locus variable number of tandem repeat analysis (MLVA) a laboratory tool designed to recognize tandem repeats and other qualities in the genome of an individual to provide a high resolution DNA fingerprint for the purpose of identification.
multivariate analysis statistical techniques used to examine more than two variables at the same time.
power analysis a statistical procedure that is used to determine the number of required subjects in a study in order to show a significant difference at a predetermined level of significance and size of effect; it is also used to determine the power of a test from the sample size, size of effect, and level of significance in order to determine the risk of Type II error when the null hypothesis is accepted.
qualitative analysis the determination of the nature of the constituents of a compound or a mixture of compounds.
quantitative analysis determination of the proportionate quantities of the constituents of a compound or mixture.
SNP analysis analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms to assess artificially produced genetic modifications or identify different strains of an organism.
transactional analysis a type of psychotherapy based on an understanding of the interactions (transactions) between patient and therapist and between patient and others in the environment; see also transactional analysis.
analysis of variance ANOVA; a statistical test used to examine differences among two or more groups by comparing the variability between the groups with the variability within the groups.
variance analysis the identification of patient or family needs that are not anticipated and the actions related to these needs in a system of managed care. There are four kinds of origin for the variance: patient-family origin, system-institutional origin, community origin, and clinician origin.
vector analysis analysis of a moving force to determine both its magnitude and its direction, e.g., analysis of the scalar electrocardiogram to determine the magnitude and direction of the electromotive force for one complete cycle of the heart.
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On his part, Joseph Gbenga, the local data analyst said that he analysed forms EC8A, EC8B and EC8C in 11 focal states of the federation on the instruction of the petitioners.
President of the Americas, Stan Wholley stated: 'We are very happy to have such a highly experienced data analyst joining our team.
As an example, an experienced, top-scale real estate property sales data analyst in the Assessor's Office would have gone from about $61,000 in 2014 to $64,500 in 2016, a 5.7 percent increase.
Jared Kahanek has joined ACA as a data analyst and member services coordinator.
The data from those forms were then entered into SPSS statistical software by a data analyst. The data in the forms were represented by variables with unclear, nonstandard names that were not documented in a data dictionary.
We set a separate site as the global data analyst to integrate all users sliced coefficients data.
Talking to this scribe, Data Analyst EOC KP Mr Saud Ahmed Rokhani informed
Talking to this scribe, Data Analyst EOC KP Mr Saud Ahmed Rokhani informed that the data reveals 100 percent coverage in the province in the last round of anti-polio drive.
The minister said highly qualified and experienced staff had been recruited for looking after technical matters and benefiting from this laboratory which included manager geographic information system, geographic information analyst, data analyst, draftsman and computer operator.
At this point, Wordsmith begins to react like a human data analyst, using its machine learning and artificial intelligence to look for trends, patterns, and correlations.
Durant Gipson is a data analyst at AddThis, a media web-tracking technology company that provides a social bookmarking service.
CML market and data analyst Caroline OPSord said: "Mortgage activity seems to have remained robust following the regulatory changes, but the eventual impact of these remains uncertain.

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