data acquisition system

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data acquisition system (DAS)

a radiation detection system that measures the amount of radiation passing through a patient. In computed tomography, the system also converts analog signals to digital data that can be analyzed by a computer.
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This OBC fleet will be equipped with OYO Geospace's four-component armored-cable seabed seismic data acquisition system.
In October, we delivered our first new slimhole seismic data acquisition system for borehole applications.
Astro-Med Inc (Nasdaq:ALOT) announced on Wednesday the introduction of its new TMX High Speed Data Acquisition System, offering high efficiency for general purpose data capture, review, archive and analysis.
The data acquisition system was controlled by a desktop PC via a CAMAC interface.
Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces the November 10 launch of release 3 of the SMARTDAC+ GX/GP series paperless recorders and GM series data acquisition system.
To obtain information about the effectiveness of restraint systems and thus passenger protection MESSRING integrated its M=BUS data acquisition system into the CIS system technology.
The Applications section provides articles, resources and videos on building instrumentation and data acquisition systems including design guidelines for high performance data acquisition systems, input protection for analog to digital converters (ADCs), what typical values in a datasheet really mean, and when to use a high precision programmable current source.
NASDAQ-NMS: IPOP) today announced that it has received an order from Polskie Gornictwo Naftowe I Gazownictwo, the Polish Oil and Gas Company, for the purchase of two I/O SYSTEM TWO(TM) MRX land seismic data acquisition systems.
Advanced, low-power applications targeted for the 24LC515 device include cell phones, set-top boxes, pagers and data acquisition systems.
Target applications include process controls requiring retention parameters, data acquisition systems requiring pre-configured voltage reference levels and signal conditioning circuits requiring zero offset and span correction in various sensors (such as temperature, pressure, IR, strain gauge, etc.
1," a recently launched graphical development product to create test, measurement and control applications for hardware systems ranging from high-performance modular instruments to real-time data acquisition systems and handheld devices.
The company is said to be a leading supplier of high-performance monitors, industrial computers and data acquisition systems.

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