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Abbreviation for developmental apraxia of speech.
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A deadly toxin derived from Fusarium species. DAS may grow on and contaminate cereals and other stored crops and can be toxic to fungi, plants, and animals (including humans). It has been used in the past in chemotherapy and can be used as an agent of biological or chemical warfare.
Synonym: anguidine
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Dopamine receptor antagonists (DAs)

The older class of antipsychotic medications, also called neuroleptics. These primarily block the site on nerve cells that normally receive the brain chemical dopamine.
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"We at Evaluation Engineeringlast provided an in-depth report on trends and new products in the data acquisition systems in our June 2018 issue, and vendors have been busy since.
At Marion Merrell Dow Inc., LabVIEW was selected to control and monitor a data acquisition system for an instrumental tablet press.
This comprises a wide range of connection systems, measuring amplifiers, data acquisition cards (internal and external), "all-in-one" data acquisition systems, data loggers, and the appropriate software for visualization, recording, and analysis.
The sensors are tied to the data acquisition system that receives information.
In this case, only the LAN data acquisition system is installed at the measurement point.
The digital output eliminates the need for a computer interface A-D card with a direct connection to PC or data acquisition system. The DS has a combined accuracy of +/- 0.1% FS, including temperature errors over the compensated temperature range.
The measurement was made possible by a new data acquisition system that cancels the linear background signal originating from the bias voltage of the n-doped layer with a balancing voltage applied to a side gate of the SET.
Lockheed Martin Space Systems has selected MTS and HBM to supply an MTS AeroST load controller and data acquisition system, featuring HBM's MGCplus data acquisition system, for use in the design and development program for its Atlas V launch vehicles.
The HBM GEN7tA transient recorder and data acquisition system can acquire and stream data up to 400 MB/s, making it a good choice for applications such as avionics testing that require hundreds of channels and high sample rates.

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