Darwinian Fitness

The relative probability of survival and reproduction for a genotype B as compared to a genotype A
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Both economical locomotion and physical fighting are important performance traits to many species because of their direct influence on components of Darwinian fitness," the study says, referring to how well a living thing reproduces and passes on its genes to the next generation.
I will experimentally test if accelerated telomere degradation is a causative mechanism through which small immune costs can accumulate and be translated into senescence and reduced Darwinian fitness.
They say this is nothing more than the process of Darwinian fitness, and that we should let natural selection take its course.
Under natural selection, you would expect organisms to use their resources to produce more genetic descendants, and so increase their Darwinian fitness.
But, as stated by Valladares (1999) "although Darwinian fitness is conceptually straightforward, it is extraordinarily difficult to measure directly" and "can be measured only in relative terms, and usually through indirect parameters such as longevity, size, or growth which are frequently correlated with Darwinian fitness.
From an agricultural viewpoint, Darwinian fitness is often not relevant because artificial selection is practiced.
Inclusive fitness: The sum of an individual's Darwinian fitness (personal reproductive success) and his or her influence upon the Darwinian fitness of relatives, weighted according to their coefficients of relatedness to the focal individual.
This assumption seems likely because both of the aforementioned particular mutations were described in spontaneous mutants of H37Rv obtained in vitro and had a Darwinian fitness slightly less than or equal to that of the rpoB wild-type-susceptible parental strain (9).