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Surname of a patient in whom the Stuart or Stuart-Prower factor was first discovered.
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surname of the patient in which factor was first discovered.
Stuart factor - Synonym(s): Stuart-Prower factor
Stuart-Prower factor - factor X. Synonym(s): Stuart factor
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Mr Mills said the Care Inspectorate were "persistent" and eventually issued de-registration notices for Blackhall, Murrayfield and Darnley.
Moray MSP Richard Lochhead, who has pursued the case with the Lord Advocate, said: "Hopefully, Sarah Darnley's family will now be able to secure answers to their many questions about this awful incident that claimed the life of their loved one and the lives of others."
Darnley has syphilis and has been hallucinating to the point where he has been seeing his dead lover Keira (Sara Garcia) who has been talking to him.
Key words: Arctic char; Salvelinus alpinus; mixed-stock fishery; genetic mixed-stock analysis; subsistence harvest; Darnley Bay
Following the birth of their son, James, in December 1566, Mary discarded Darnley. Whether she had a part in his murder on Kirk o' Field three months later--an event captured in full gothic horror in a narrative drawing by an English spy--is a mystery the exhibition does not attempt to solve.
THE DEAD: From left, Duncan Munro, George Allison, Sarah Darnley, Gary McCrossan
Aaron Darnley For their menu, Aaron's team created a starter of slow-baked salmon, salmon fish cake, avocado cream and spiced oil followed by a main of roast duck breast, confit of leg, chicory salsify, savoury potatoes and rhubarb jus.
A major task for any biographer of Mary Stuart is to unpack the disastrous three-month period following the murder of Mary's second husband, the roundly unpopular Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley. Mary could not avoid being implicated in Darnley's murder, but the extent to which Mary was an agent in what has become known as the "Bothwell Plot" is more difficult to unravel.
With the recent acquisition of the existing cold store and distribution site at Darnley (Glasgow), David Price Food Services Ltd is able to offer a tailor designed package as per each customers' requirement, which includes storage, transport, hand-ball service, packing, picking operation, blast freezing and cross-docking facility to existing and new customers'.