Dark Winter

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The code name for a senior-level bio-terrorist attack simulation conducted in May, 2001, designed to carry out a mock version of a covert and widespread smallpox attack on the US. The simulation demonstrated 'serious weaknesses' in the public health system and ability to respond to such an attack
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The sparrow, I say, flying in at one door and immediately out at another, whilst he is within is safe from the wintry storm; but after a short space of fair weather, he immediately vanishes out of your sight into the dark winter from whence he had emerged.
One night," he went on, dropping his voice and leaning a little forward in his carriage -" it was just before, or was it just after I had fixed that light - I was down here one dark winter night.
It was a dark winter day, and what with the shadows within, and what with the shadows without, he could but dimly discern the others who were brought there to have their arms bound.
I will not inflict upon my readers an account of my leaving home on that dark winter morning: the fond farewells, the long, long journey to O , the solitary waitings in inns for coaches or trains--for there were some railways then--and, finally, the meeting at O with Mr.
One dark winter night - it had struck nine some time before the landlord joined us - there was a sick man in the George, a great neighbouring proprietor suddenly struck down with apoplexy on his way to Parliament; and the great man's still greater London doctor had been telegraphed to his bedside.
Do the Department of Education bosses really think it's a good idea to wait until next week to hear about the dangers pupils are facing in our dark winter mornings and evenings?
Last year 518 people were killed and 8,345 seriously injured in the UK while walking and cycling - and the risks are heightened on dark winter evenings.
There are few shrubs that can give such pleasure during the cold, dark winter months as the winter-flowering Viburnum x bodnantense 'Dawn'.
BRIGHTEN up the dark winter nights with a splash of colour.
ON these dark winter mornings, and particularly evenings, can I please appeal to cyclists to think about whether they can be clearly seen by the rest of we r oad-users.
The youngsters will have a lot of fun with this and during the dark winter months, the activity room will provide the children with a safe place to play and socialise.
Somewhere It's Snowing": Somewhere it's snowing / A chilly wind's a-blowing / And the fire's growing warm // Somewhere the moonlight / Shines upon a cold night / And the fire's growing warm // Fall has come and gone / Ready for a winter song / There's cold in the air // Short days, longer nights / Shadows dance in pale moonlight / Dark winter is here.