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a room in a hospital or similar facility for the storage and processing of light-sensitive materials, such as x-ray film.


A room designed to be devoid of light. The darkroom is necessary for the development of radiographic film.


Enclosed area or chamber dimly lit by safelight (usually red) but otherwise intentionally lightproof room where films are handled and processed.


n a completely lightproof room or cubicle that is used in the processing of photographic, medical, and dental films. See also safe light.
n a darkroom for developing radiographic films, should be absolutely devoid of white light, as well as chemicals or dust that could damage the film while it is being processed; a filtered safe light of less than 15 watts should be the only light in the room.
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MOST people try to brighten dark rooms, paint them white and add plenty of lighting to create an imitation brightness.
The dark room is part of GLORYBOX, based on Greenland Street and part of The 88 - a production space contained within Constellations that allows artists to explore their ideas and grow fledgling businesses.
The Ministry of Social Affairs said it discovered a mentally disturbed 16-year-old during a field visit living in a dark room with just a narrow window for air and light and little food, said ministry psychiatrist Muza Al Wali.
Sometimes we had to run messages to the shop on Clayton Street and at odd times we went to the main shops at Pink Lane where we were sent up to the printing room and dark rooms to have a look around, also to work a week in the shop itself which was quite quiet and was always pleased to go back to the monument shop.
It's like, what's the saying, it's like a blind man, in a dark room, looking for a black cat that isn't there.
I would go to the studio, and then sit in my dark room and drink vodka.
If the choice is to be gawked at constantly or to sit in a dark room, I'd choose the dark room," Contactmusic quoted the actor as saying.
The Prime Minister said victims' relatives would never get over the 1989 disaster and likened them to a "blind man, in a dark room, looking for a black cat that isn't there".
Recalling the tortures he sustained during his imprisonment at a CIA managed Afghan prison, he said, "The detention center was dubbed as the dark room and the inmates were kept in a dark room and were bombed with a loud voice of pop music.
Buy it, read it, love it - then have a long lie down in a dark room until the swelling subsides.
Its members rechristened themselves the Dark Room Collective--"so-named for a small, dimly lit room in the house that once held a photographic enlarger but gradually began to accumulate books" (Valentine 59)--and remade themselves as something of a "pre or PMFA":
You can try this effect out yourself in a dark room using a torch and a orange