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(in'di-gō), [C.I. 73000]
A blue dyestuff obtained from Indigofera tinctoria, and other species of Indigofera (family Leguminosae); also made synthetically.
Synonym(s): indigo blue, indigotin
[L. indicum, fr. G. indikon, indigo, ntr. of Indikos, Indian]


/in·di·go/ (in´dĭ-go)
1. a blue dyeing material from various leguminous and other plants, being the aglycone of indican and also made synthetically; sometimes found in the sweat and urine.
2. a color between blue and violet, produced by energy of wavelengths between 420 and 450 nm.
A colour which, in the pseudoscientific doctrine of colour therapy, is linked to the paranormal and said to stimulate the intellect, authority and inner calmness. It is said to purify the blood and treat diseases of the ear, nose, eyes, and sinuses, varicose veins, and nervous system, boils and ulcers, and skin disease. Too much indigo allegedly triggers headaches and somnolence


n Latin name:
Indigofera spp.; parts used: branches, leaves; uses: liver purification, antiinflammatory, diabetes, mumps; precautions: teratogenic. Also called
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They took inspiration from what the big designers were doing - bootleg, dark indigo, added Lycra, cropped lengths - and adapted it for the high street shopper, to massive success.
THE dark indigo denim Earl jean explosion happened three years ago and the super-lean styling remains hard to beat.
Grey, black and dark indigo denim are the most popular colours this season.
New in skinny this fall is the denim jegging in washes from light grey, black, and dark indigo as well as ponte.
Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez favour fitted dark indigo stretch jeans from hip US designer Frankie B and Geri Halliwell goes for the bleached Gap versions at a much more reasonable pounds 38.
DARK Indigo Denim Jacket pounds 91 by Swish Jeans (0171 494 1240).
In the sultry chic campaign, Klum wears the classic Jordache falcon crest skinny jeans in dark indigo, sold in high-end retail stores as well as at select Macy's and Urban Outfitters nationwide.
When it comes to denim, forget dark indigo, we're talking about the late 1980s revisited - stone-washed, faded, bleached-out jeans are de rigueur.
The Levi's(R) Perfectly Slimming 512(TM) Jean is available in Regular (sizes 4-18), Plus (sizes 16-24), and Petites (sizes 2-16) in three washes, medium indigo, dark indigo and rinsed indigo, and sells for $40.
Areas of disease that block fluorescence are seen as dark indigo areas, whereas those that emit fluorescence glow like a firefly.
Low rise fit and fabrics like ring spun denim in rinsed or stone washed dark indigo.
and is available in black, stonewash, broken-in and dark indigo denim,