dan tian

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dan tian (dänˑ tē·änˑ),

n refers to the region in the lower abdomen beneath the navel; also considered the place where qi is cultivated and stored. See also qi.
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Subject 4, fenale, 57, is a practicing medical intuitive who purportedly can open and close her "third eye", the dantian (energy center) at the forehead region that is metaphysically associated with intuition.
Biophoton emission was measured immediately pre-post energy healing from the three dantians (key energy centers) and the right hand palm.
The present domestic deep ocean engineering projects are widely adopting the dantian tower of single point mooring system and this new HBIS rotary joint system is the keep part of such deep ocean mooring system.
This brings energy to a key energy storage center called the lower dantian in Eastern traditions.
The patients were taught a modified version Gualin Qi Gong including preparation exercises (standing posture, breathing exercise, and opening and closing of the dantian (an important focus point for internal meditative techniques, located in the abdomen three finger widths below and two finger-widths behind the navel), main exercise (slow exercise and fast exercise), and then the closing exercise.
So he took a deep breath, concentrating his mind on the dantian, a tiny spot above his navel.
With its incongruous atmospheres-"the sun at one hundred and two" and "the seventy degrees of air-conditioned oxygen" (268)-Las Vegas seems like a transplanted bottom of Dantian hell with its dual punishment of heat and cold.