Danielssen-Boeck disease

an·es·thet·ic lep·ro·sy

a form of leprosy chiefly affecting the nerves, marked by hyperesthesia succeeded by anesthesia, and by paralysis, ulceration, and various trophic disturbances, terminating in gangrene and mutilation.
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Danielssen-Boeck disease

Uncertain; variously defined as:
(1) Anesthetic leprosy;
(2) Sarcoidosis.

Described by Norwegian physician Daniel Cornelius Danielssen (1815–1894).
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Daniel Cornelius, Norwegian physician, 1815-1894.
Danielssen disease - Synonym(s): anesthetic leprosy
Danielssen-Boeck disease - Synonym(s): anesthetic leprosy


Carl Wilhelm, Norwegian physician, 1808-1875.
Danielssen-Boeck disease - Synonym(s): anesthetic leprosy
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