Daniel C., Norwegian physician, 1815-1894. See: Danielssen disease, Danielssen-Boeck disease.
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Danielssen and Boeck in 1847 classified leprosy into three main clinical types as shown in (Box 2).1 Same authors in 1848 divided leprosy into nodular and anesthetic (Box 2).2 Hansen and Looft in 1895 divided it into tuberosa and maculoanesthetic types (Box 2).3 But, term nodular and maculoanesthetic were used by Kobner.4 Neisser in 1903 described the disease under three forms (Box 2).5 Darier used the term 'tuberculoid' in relation to leprosy.4
INTRODUCTION: Crusted scabies was first described among lepers in Norway in 1848 by Boeck and Danielssen. (1) Von Hebra in 1862 named it "Scabies Norvegi Boeki".
After extensive studies dating back to the mid-19th century, Danielssen and Boeck had argued that leprosy was not just a dermatological disease but also affected the internal organs.
Particularly the followers of the heredity theory, including Daniel Danielssen, his mentor manager, and father-in-law, initially criticised him.
Most paratypes were swept from grass vegetation in open roadside areas in a rather dense, dry forest (Danielssen pers.
Kraby said police want to talk to Kristoffer Danielssen, a Swedish manho boasted on Facebook of being 'co-director' of Breivik Geofarm,here the killer made his 500 kilogram bomb.
Abyssal aggregations of Kolga hyalina Danielssen and Koren (Echinodermata: Holothurioidea) in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean: a preliminary report.
6 km] E Citrusdal, x.1969, SA Museum Expedition (SAMC); 6 [male] 4 [female] Tankwa Karoo, Waterval [32[degrees]35'S:20[degrees]18'E], xi.1952, Mus Expd (SAMC); 3 [male] 2 [female] Het Kruis [32[degrees]36'S:18[degrees]45'E], x.1947, Mus Exp (SAMC); 1 [male] Koornplanskloof, 10 km S Citrusdal, 32[degrees]40'S: 19[degrees]01'E, 4-8.x.1994, Danielssen, 200-270 m (MZLU); 1 [male] Merweville [32[degrees]40'S:21[degrees]31'E] dist, ii.1941, Zinn (SAMC); 3 [male] 1 [female] Bosberg Nature Res 3 km N Somerset East, 32[degrees]42'S:26[degrees]33'E, 5.xii.1989, Londt, 850 m, mixed woodland (NMSA); 1 [male] 4 [female] Somerset East [32[degrees]43'S:25[degrees]35'E], x.1930 (1 [female]), xi.1930 (1 [male] 2 [female]), 25-30.xi.1930 (1 [female]), Turner (BMNH); 2 [male] 1 [female] Klein Visrivier, c.
Terebellides stroemii Sars, 1835 Vermiliopsis infundibulum Philippi, 1844 Ascidiacea/Species Ciona intestinalis Linnaeus, 1758 Molgula manhattensis De Kay, 1843 Sipuncula/Species Onchnesoma steenstrupi Koren & Danielssen, 1875 Sipuncula sp1.
Also included are redescriptions of three published species, emphasizing hard parts for comparisons with the new species and genus: Dorymenia sarsii (Koren & Danielssen), Simrothiella margaritacea (Koren & Danielssen), and Plawenia schizoradulata (Salvini-Plawen).