M'Naghten, Daniel

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Daniel, English criminal, tried in March, 1843.
M'Naghten rule - the classic English test of criminal responsibility.
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The stage show also tells the stories of David Oluwale, Sarah Reed, Sandra Bland, Daniel M'naghten and Michael Bailey to highlight why movements such as Black Lives Matter exist.
Daniel M'Naghten suffered from delusions of persecution.
(5) Daniel M'Naghten was acquitted of murder for fatally shooting one of P.M.
Daniel M'Naghten, who intended to shoot his victim--albeit he
Daniel M'Naghten was mentally ill (most likely paranoid schizophrenic) and believed that he was being persecuted by the British government.
That case involved the trial of Daniel M'Naghten, who attempted to murder the Prime Minister but mistakenly shot his secretary instead.
The first was the "M'Naghten rule," named after an 1843 British case involving a Scottish woodcutter, Daniel M'Naghten, who tried to kill Prime Minister Robert Peel but fatally shot Peel's secretary instead.
The examples of Daniel M'Naghten and Andrea Yates will help