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Daniel, Swiss mathematician, 1700-1782.
Bernoulli effect - the decrease in fluid pressure that occurs in converting potential to kinetic energy when motion of the fluid is accelerated in accordance with Bernoulli law.
Bernoulli law - when friction is negligible, the velocity of flow of a gas or fluid through a tube is inversely related to its pressure against the side of the tube. Synonym(s): Bernoulli principle; Bernoulli theorem
Bernoulli principle - Synonym(s): Bernoulli law
Bernoulli theorem - Synonym(s): Bernoulli law
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Mathematicians, most notably Daniel Bernoulli, used the concept of "moral expectation" to describe the subjective value placed on a probable gain by an individual (Dembe and Boden, 2000).
That Daniel Bernoulli understood this fact clearly demonstrate his definition of moral expectation as an attempt to model human moral intuitions in response to the Paradox.
Ballistics as a science begins in the eighteenth century with the work of Robins, Daniel Bernoulli, and Euler.