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Daniel, Swiss mathematician, 1700-1782.
Bernoulli effect - the decrease in fluid pressure that occurs in converting potential to kinetic energy when motion of the fluid is accelerated in accordance with Bernoulli law.
Bernoulli law - when friction is negligible, the velocity of flow of a gas or fluid through a tube is inversely related to its pressure against the side of the tube. Synonym(s): Bernoulli principle; Bernoulli theorem
Bernoulli principle - Synonym(s): Bernoulli law
Bernoulli theorem - Synonym(s): Bernoulli law
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Daniel Bernoulli (1954, 24) pointed out that "all men cannot use the same rule to evaluate the gamble ...
At the outset, let's state something perhaps not immediately obvious: The works and names of Daniel Bernoulli and Giovanni Venturi should be associated with mountain flying.
The Bessel functions introduced by Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel (1784-1846) in 1824, had previously been investigated by Jacob Bernoulli, Daniel Bernoulli, Euler and Lagrange.
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