Warning Signs

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The constellation of mental and health-related changes in a person who is contemplating suicide
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'We only need to read and reflect the lessons well,' he said when asked of the danger signs under President Duterte's time.
The birth plan incorporates essential components including recognition of danger signs, plan for a birth attendant, place of delivery and saving money for transport or other costs11.
Danger signs are not the actual obstetric complications, but symptoms that are easily identified by non-clinical personnel (11).
There are clear danger signs of a car being offered by criminals, so you should be very wary of any vehicle being put up for sale at a much lower price than others of the same make, model and mileage.
Objective: To explore women's perceptions regarding obstetric danger signs and their practices to deal with them in their cultural context.
The rail company have been found liable as there were seemingly not enough danger signs nor fencing.
IT is quite dreadful that a young lad has lost both of his legs and most of his hands following the accident at the railway yard in Birtley (Journal Saturday) and I read that the rail company have been found liable as there were seemingly not enough danger signs nor fencing.
Majority of the ASHA workers were aware of the characteristics symptoms of the DF 160 (96.4%), their role when suspected DF case was 161 (97.0%), complete preventive measures to practice 157 (94.5%), mode of transmission 152 (91.6%), breeding sites of mosquitoes 146 (88.0%), and man-made disease 147 (88.6%), whereas only 51(30.7%) were known of the danger signs of DF [Table 2].
The ability to identify the danger signs of infancy depends on, among other factors, level of education, experience, parity, social support for the caregivers, and physical environment, for instance, distance to the health facility, and personnel at the health facility, among others [4, 5].
Tourism director Rolando Brison said: "Danger signs are clearly visible and her family recognise that they did wrong.
Andrey Kuznetsov, a Russian ranked 85th, is a kind firstround draw on paper but the danger signs were there ahead of today's clash.