Warning Signs

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The constellation of mental and health-related changes in a person who is contemplating suicide
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Andrew Hagger from Moneycomms.co.uk said: "If you withdraw cash on your credit card, it will show up on your credit record and could be a danger sign to other lenders.
Severe bleeding with some clots is a major sign of post-delivery danger sign. However, when women were asked to mention danger signs during post-delivery period, majority of them across the districts knew only vaginal bleeding, thus not aware of post-delivery danger signs.
Those women who had previous bad experience of home delivery were more likely to deliver at health facility.18,19 The most commonly stated danger sign by the women who had comparatively better understanding was intrapartum bleeding or spotting.
Turning down invitations and becoming more reclusive isn't itself a danger sign - perhaps just a recognition of who you are and what you want.
One day, while she's walking through the forest, her gift of the gab gets her into hot water: "That's a pretty tree and that's a pretty tree and that's a pretty danger sign and that's a pretty tree...." Will this inattentive bird walk right into danger?
Exploring the women's knowledge of danger signs during labour revealed that, the best-known danger sign during labour was severe vaginal bleeding after placental removal (82%), followed by delay in placental removal by more than half an hour (75%).
Knowledge of Respondents on Obstetric Danger Sign. According to the findings of this study, the proportions of pregnant women who know at least three danger signs during pregnancy, delivery, and postnatal period were 23.2%, 22.6%, and 9.6%, respectively (Table 4).
An officer who neglects to take a tactical class or one in identifying deceptive behavior may miss a danger sign and not even know it.
Slowly, I rolled over the DANGER sign, lifted off the saddle and hung back over the rear tire of my 27-speed Specialized FSR to transfer weight where I would need it most.
But since most suicide victims never get a psychiatric referral, their primary care physicians must be alert for any danger sign: depression, which can present as physical ailments; alcoholism; social isolation; and living alone.
While CRP's role in either inflammation or heart disease is far from clear, high blood pressure is a well-recognized danger sign for heart attacks and strokes.