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Walter E., U.S. neurosurgeon, 1886-1946. See: Dandy operation, Dandy-Walker syndrome.
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The Dandy comic was first published in December 1937 and continued until December 2012 in printed form, then for a further six months online.
It features many of the characters that went on to Daniel Smith of Keys Auctioneers Book Department holding the 1939 Dandy Annual ANDY NEWMAN
Adam Dandy, owner of Dandy's Topsoil, said: "We're passionately supporting the #PLASTICFREECHESTER campaign and it's already inspired us to make changes in our company to cut the amount of single-use plastic we get through.
As the event folded, old graduates of Dandy School of Fashion Design and NAVTTC programme shared their experiences of industry, school life and how the school and faculty members facilitated them.
"The representatives of the company were R D Low (Editor in Chief ) and A W Barnes (Dandy Editor) who became a great friend in my time with Thomson's."
Dandy Walker variant with treatment-resistant bipolar disorder.
Geoff Harker Racing @geoffharker Sad to hear Dandy Nicholls passed away this morning.
Even more so when Jack's daughter Barbara - Dandy Kim's ex - revealed how he had blackmailed her into giving him the keys.
In the final moments of episode 12, Dandy arrived to tell Eva and Paul that Elsa has gone to follow her dreams and that he is now the new owner of the freak show.
INTRODUCTION: Dandy Walker Malformation (DWM) is a congenital malformation involving the cerebellum and fluid filled spaces around it A key feature of this syndrome is partial or complete absence of a part of brain located between two cerebellar hemispheres ie.