snapping hip syndrome

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snap·ping hip syn·drome

(snap'ing hip sin'drōm)
A phenomenon experienced during hip motions; may indicate iliotibial band syndrome.
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I found the online article "On Dance Injuries: The Dancer's Hip" by Dr.
While visualizing the dancer's hip in motion, the authors detected impingements using computer-assisted techniques.
Some studies may promote understanding of the role of the labrum in protecting the dancer's hip during dance-specific movement.
Their results showed that extreme motion exposes the morphologically "normal" dancer's hip to recurrent superior or posterosuperior femoral acetabular impingement and to joint subluxation.
The dancer's hip. In: Hughes C (ed): Independent Study Course 18.3, Dance Medicine: Strategies for the Prevention and Care of Injuries to Dancers.
"It's been incredible." The dancer's hips will be put through their paces when he returns to the Floral Pavilion (where he appeared in Cabaret in 2009) this month with his autobiographical show Precious Little Sleep.
With the dancer's hips as the "center of gravity," there was division and cohesion, paradoxically engaged at once: "Thus the flexibility and fluidity of black dancing arises from the division of the body at the pelvis, with the upper body playing against the lower much as individual dancers or singers playfully oppose themselves to the rest of the performing community" (98-99).