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Herbal medicine
An annual herb containing cineole, thymol and other volatile oils, such as cymene, calamenene (a cyanogenic glycosideresin), etc. It is said to be antimicrobial, laxative and stimulate sex hormone production, and has been used for depression, lethargy, hormone imbalances and urogenital disorders; some believe it to be an aphrodisiac.

Headaches, insomnia.


Herbal made from Turnera diffusa; purported value as an aphrodisiac and weight-loss supplement; tetanic seizures reported.
Synonym(s): herba de la pastora, miziboc.

damiana (däˑ·mē·ä·n),

n Latin name:
Turnera diffusa; part used: leaves; uses: aphrodisiac, diuretic, antidepressant; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children, patients with liver disease; can cause hallucinations, nausea, hepatotoxicity, irritation of the urethra. Also called
herba de la pastora, old woman's broom, and
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This combination of tonics, including damiana, ginseng, shizandra and wolfberry, is a tried and tested natural remedy that will help increase libido and retain stamina and sexual vitality - and is suitable for men and women.
The Sweden-based international healthcare provider Medicover said on Thursday (16 February) that it had acquired just under 40% of the share capital of the Polish private hospital operator Centrum Medyczne Damiana.
So I won't be popping down to Harvey Nicks and buying a bottle of "Love Potion," which, allegedly, is "designed to have aphrodisiac qualities with a potent concoction of blueberries, passion fruit and herbal ingredients such as muira puama, damiana and passionflower.
Ingredients include American ginseng and damiana in a natural base that contains black cohosh root, gingko biloba, cellulose and lactose.
A spokeswoman for PolyMedica notes that Azo Intimacy--a combination of American ginseng and damiana in a natural base of black cohosh root and ginkgo biloba--helps increase libido, lift sexual vitality, enhance intimacy and fight fatigue.
Drinks also sells Aguila Tequila, Cohete Rum and Damiana Mexican Liqueur, together with a line of wines.
The young Cad Blackshear and his best friend, Damiana, battle the Entity, as did their parents and generations before them.
The Italians pulled back a goal through Deiana Damiana.