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Dalmatian, Dalmatian coach hound

a medium-sized, shorthaired dog distinguished by its white color with black or brown spots distributed uniformly over the entire body. The breed has a unique protein metabolism that results in high levels of uric acid excretion into the urine. As a result the breed is predisposed to urate uroliths and some dermatoses believed to be associated with this metabolic characteristic. It also is affected by inherited deafness and a cavitating leukodystrophy. Called also English coach dog, Carriage dog, Plum pudding dog, Fire house dog and Spotted Dick.
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Last but not least, Krekic reports on that remarkable Latino-Slavic symbiosis, so characteristic of life in Dubrovnik and the Dalmation coast, especially during the late medieval period and the Renaissance.
In which European country is Dalmatia, from where the Dalmation dog gets its name?
But over the next few weeks the 55-year-old from Marton and his eye-catching Dalmation are hoping people will stop them in their tracks to help raise funds for Zoe's Place baby hospice.
By airbrushing out flourishing neighbourhoods and adopting vibrant urban villages the coalition was, said Sir Albert, unveiling his soundbite, 'calling a dalmation a black and white spotted mongrel.
Not surprisingly tourism has slowed down in recent months, but if you can look beyond the conflict, Croatia boasts a beautiful Dalmation coastline, 1185 islands, Roman ruins, Renaissance architecture and even a lively nightlife in Hvar.
PUPPY LOVE: Dexter the dalmation (left), who lives with owner Jessica Borros in Churchover, Rugby, has become dad to 16 cute pups (inset)
Hot spots DOROTHY Perkins gives animal print a new meaning with dalmation pattern heels, part of its new autumn collection.
Watto's got three dogs, one dalmation and two great danes, who are more like horses than dogs.
US newsreader Gil Lacey's life was saved by her Dalmation, who kept sniffing a mole on her leg that was a malignant melanoma.
Amanda Rooke sent in this picture of her dalmation Ruby, aged 16 weeks.
Wait till the second coat is dry, then with a small artists brush, dab on the Dalmation design.