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Dalmatian, Dalmatian coach hound

a medium-sized, shorthaired dog distinguished by its white color with black or brown spots distributed uniformly over the entire body. The breed has a unique protein metabolism that results in high levels of uric acid excretion into the urine. As a result the breed is predisposed to urate uroliths and some dermatoses believed to be associated with this metabolic characteristic. It also is affected by inherited deafness and a cavitating leukodystrophy. Called also English coach dog, Carriage dog, Plum pudding dog, Fire house dog and Spotted Dick.
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MADDY the Dalmatian was in a spot of trouble before being rescued by her caring new owner Holly Thomas.
Given Sunday's beautiful weather, Marla Axelrode said they considered going to the park, but decided on the movie theater because the kids like the Dalmatians, she said.
99-12) as well as new 102 Dalmatians, Mickey and Pooh-themed Clocks ($18).
Just a day after being born, eight Dalmatian puppies - who aren't even old enough to have their spots - lost their mum.
Some breeders claim deaf dalmatians are too hard to train but the problem is not with the dogs but with their owners.
Panini are marking the event by producing their new 101 Dalmatians Album and Sticker Collection.
However, her promise doesn't last long and she is soon plotting a scheme to get her ultimate Dalmatian coat.
He even gave up Christmas presents to keep collecting the dalmatians.
You can buy one of our 101 Dalmatians lunchboxes at a fantastic price of just pounds 5.
Glenn Close, Tim McInnerny, center, and Gerard Depardieu conspire to kidnap valuable canines in ``102 Dalmatians.
This holiday season, McDonald's(R) restaurants nationwide will be the hot "spot" for families to celebrate the release of Walt Disney Pictures 102 Dalmatians with a spot-studded promotion that includes 102 Happy Meal(R) toys resembling the irresistible Dalmatian stars.
ONCE upon a time Cruella de Vil was so wicked that she dreamed of making a coat from the fur of 101 Dalmatians.