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Dalmatian, Dalmatian coach hound

a medium-sized, shorthaired dog distinguished by its white color with black or brown spots distributed uniformly over the entire body. The breed has a unique protein metabolism that results in high levels of uric acid excretion into the urine. As a result the breed is predisposed to urate uroliths and some dermatoses believed to be associated with this metabolic characteristic. It also is affected by inherited deafness and a cavitating leukodystrophy. Called also English coach dog, Carriage dog, Plum pudding dog, Fire house dog and Spotted Dick.
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Spot the difference: Julie with Fiona, who descended from a dalmatian and a pointer, and (inset) a traditional dalmatian
I bred Dalmatians for 25 years and my largest litter ever was 11.
Suzanne Keedwell, of Towyn Way in Tonteg, said: ``Niamh had seen all the 101 Dalmatians cartoons and was desperate to have one - so we treated her.
She's a lemon spotted dalmatian - born white who developed lemon spots which slowly went brown.
The Dalmatian Club claims many owners were unprepared for the reality of buying a dog and could not cope with the Dalmatian's traditionally boisterous nature.
Murphy owns a 50% working interest in Dalmatian and serves as operator.
The Dalmatian South prospect is located within the DeSoto Canyon protraction area in a water depth of 6,394 ft (1,949 meters).
American scientists set out to address the problem around 30 years ago by breeding a pedigree dalmatian with a pointer.
campaign, featuring a Dalmatian puppy on the cover of the sample ballots.
A NORTH Wales man was knocked to his knees after being bitten by a dalmatian.
A TODDLER was left scarred for life after being savaged by her new pet Dalmatian.
TODDLER Niamh Smith has been left scarred for life after her ``placid'' Dalmatian savaged her while they were playing ball.