Dallas Criteria

Criteria established by a group of cardiac pathology experts in Dallas in 1987 that standardised the diagnosis of acute myocarditis, based on endomyocardial biopsy findings
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Accepted is the WHO (World Health Organization)/IFC (International Society and Federation of Cardiology/World Heart Federation) definition [1], diagnosed by histological, immunological, and immunohistochemical criteria [2] and Dallas criteria [3].
Histological analysis of formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded, and hematoxylin/eosin-stained EMB showed infiltration of mononuclear cells, myocardial damage, and interstitial fibrosis (Dallas criteria [1, 3]).
A case of myocarditis was defined as 1) a person with myocarditis diagnosed by electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, or cardiac catheterization, which indicates the presence of unexplained arrhythmia or decreased ejection fraction without apparent cause or 2) myocardial inflammatory infiltrates on tissue pathologic examination by using the Dallas criteria (9) or 3) viral isolation or nucleic acid identification in myocardial tissue specimens in persons living in northern Illinois from October 1, 2002, through May 30, 2003.

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