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professionals--would lose much of their power if the Dalkon Shield
Nightmare: Women and the Dalkon Shield by Susan Perry, Jim Dawson New York: Macmillan, 1985
"Reformers" target tort law because it is the one area that embodies what Justice Harlan Stone viewed as "the most elementary conceptions of justice and public policy." But, the author notes, tort law has a deterrent as well as a compensatory function, as illustrated by the asbestos, Dalkon Shield, and Ford Pinto cases.
Initially introduced more than 40 years ago, intrauterine devices (IUDs) were very popular in this country, until infections resulting from the Dalkon Shield's multifilament tail string were reported.
In other instances, such as the one involving the catastrophically defective Dalkon Shield IUD, massive civil litigation was built on the findings of congressional overseers.
* the published account of cases of septic maternal death among women who became pregnant while using the Dalkon Shield. (5)
While litigation, or the fear of it, has undoubtedly led to a few less-than-desirable outcomes--the disappearance of teeter-totters from school playgrounds, or the high-dive at the public pool--lawsuits have resulted in ever-safer products by ridding society of the Pinto and the Dalkon Shield. For all the noise Republicans make about trial lawyers interfering with the free market, most people prefer driving on tires that don't explode, living in homes with insulation that won't kill them, and raising babies in cribs that won't strangle them.
IN SOME mass toxic harms cases, such as those involving diethylstilbestrol (DES) or the Dalkon shield, lawyers have represented hundreds of plaintiffs at a time; in asbestos cases, the number of claimants ran to more than 10,000.
The opening shot was fired in 1981 by Judge Spencer Williams in San Francisco, who was presiding over personal injury suits brought by users of the Dalkon Shield contraceptive device.
That is what worries anyone sentient enough to remember Chernobyl, Bhopal, Challenger, Sandoz, Exxon Valdez, DDT, acid rain, Kepone, thalidomide, the Dalkon Shield, PCBs, DES, Love Canal ...
Besides the breast implant controversy, these cases have involved asbestos, the Dalkon Shield, toxic shock syndrome, Agent Orange, lead, tobacco, and, recently, fen-phen (SN: 10/18/97, p.
"People are comparing it to breast implants and the Dalkon Shield.