Lynn, Australian molecular biologist, *1935. See: Shine-Dalgarno sequence.
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Nick Dalgarno, managing director at energy investment bank Simmons Energy, was speaking as Aberdeen prepares to host Europe's top oil and gas exhibition and conference.
Captain and back Jodie Dalgarno, 28, is optimistic about the campaign, where they'll take on the region's established sides.
Brian has had many hobbies and until recent years he sang bass with the Dalgarno Singers in Thornhill, painted in watercolour and drew with pen and ink.
Fellow borough councillor Ian Dalgarno was given the position of deputy mayor.
World-renowned fragrance historian and master perfumer Roja Dove, whose legend tells of his ability to identify 800 different scents blindfolded without fail, teamed up with Macallan's master whisky maker Bob Dalgarno, who has been with the company since 1984 and was given the distinction of Master Distiller in 2000, to harness the potent combination of flavor and scent that makes drinking this 48.3 percent ABV drink truly defining and at the top of its class.
MARATHON man Alan Dalgarno is kicking off the first of many challenges this weekend in aid of the Saras Hope Foundation.
"I think for the M&A market it's pretty clear that we reached the bottom of the market in 2015," said Nicholas Dalgarno, managing director of Simmons & Co International.
Now Craig, who defied the odds to survive and had to learn to walk again after the 2011 shooting, is to wed primary teacher Louise Dalgarno, 23.
Photographer: Claire Dalgarno Anthony Kelly and Deborah Downes, of Blyth, married at Anvil Hall, Gretna Green.
Scott Dalgarno has published poems in Yale Review, Antioch
Gordon Dalgarno gave PS370 when Barrington Brown told him he could claim on two endowments.