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Julia (1907–1972). First full-time Washington lobbyist for the American Nurses' Association. As a lobbyist, she was concerned with the improvement of education, working conditions, and economic and professional status in nursing. She also worked to improve Social Security benefits and for the passage of the Medicare program.


Henry, English surgeon, 1820-1904. See: Thompson test.

Thompson, chiropractic technique in which the thrusts are applied primarily to the pelvis to adjust dysfunction. Often the complaints are related to discrepancies in the length of the patient's legs.
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One of my Olympic heroes is Daley Thompson and I was lucky enough to meet him here," said Thomas.
OLYMPIAN Daley Thompson will be joining other cyclists to take part in one of the UK's longest-running charity bike rides.
DALEY Thompson thinks Jessica Ennis is so strong that she could even win the event which made him a superstar.
OLYMPIC legend Daley Thompson gave an inspirational team talk to England on the eve of the Test.
DALEY Thompson has labelled the corruption scandal surrounding international athletics as the worst crisis to have ever hit the sport - and worse than that at FIFA.
EXCLUSIVE OLYMPICS legend Daley Thompson has told Mo Farah it is up to him to prove that he is not a drugs cheat - as people often think there is "no smoke without fire".
1984: British decathlete Daley Thompson set a new world record of 8,847 points to retain his Olympic title in Los Angeles.
In which event did Daley Thompson win gold medals in the 1980 and 1984 Olympics?
The 21-year-old heptathlete, hailed as "the future of athletics" by Olympic great Daley Thompson recently, was presented with the award at half time during the Reds' ' 4-0 win over Tottenham.