Daisy Pattern

Histopathology A term referring to the radiating stellate fibrillary forms, corresponding to tyrosine crystals seen in pleomorphic adenoma when stained with Mayer’s hemalum & tartrazine
Microbiology A descriptor for the microscopic morphology of Sporothrix schenckii cultured at 20ºC, the hyphae of which simulate the petals of a daisy; this pattern may also be seen in Candida spp
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Hall embraced the floral theme in a cream dress with poppy and daisy pattern, while Murdoch kept his cool in a dark suit and white Panama hat.
I think they'd go well with the Floral Mirror, which carries a subtle daisy pattern on its artfully-distressed frame that would contribute to an ever-so-slightly exotic feel in the room.
The glass is etched with a daisy pattern of long petals.
AMS Imports expands its Rain or Shine Indoor/Outdoor Collection with the Daisy pattern in sky blue.
One from a pair of rare 19th century Steel and Wood pressed tiles, signed Lucien Besche, which are estimated at pounds 600-pounds 800 for the pair; A rare 19th century William de Morgan tile, hand painted with a stylised tortoise which is expected to sell for pounds 600-pounds 800 in the sale; A late 19th century William de Morgan tile in the Bedford Park Daisy Pattern which is expected to sell for pounds 150-pounds 200; Sheila Hughes
Interspersed among the pillows are rectangular patches of a graphic daisy pattern that, painted in orange, green, and brown, evokes '70s wallpaper and complements the wood paneling.
Margeurite is a brightly colored daisy pattern against a textural-looking background with Margeurite Stripe, a coordinating stripe pattern; while Unwind is a large-scale floral on taffeta in bright tones that include grape, lime, orange, yellow and pink with a coordinating plaid and solid.
Juliet is a daisy pattern on a yellow ground with a puckering fabric, which has the feel of a seersucker in its finishing process.
Other spring table cloth patterns include a daisy pattern with ladybugs and bumble bees on a dramatic black or hunter ground.
Claudia's daughter Lily loves her lilac bedroom with its bright daisy patterns hand painted on the walls.