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Colloquial term descriptive of the segmented forms (merozoites) of the mature schizont of Plasmodium malariae.
Referring to a pattern with a central mass surrounded, rosette-like, with oval structures that abut a central mass at one end


n Latin name:
Bellis perennis; parts used: buds, leaves; uses: antifungal, blood cleanser, pain reliever, diarrhea, cough, stomach spasms, arthritis; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children. Also called
bairnwort, bruisewort, common daisy, day's eye, and
wild daisy.


acronym for Dairy Information System—a well-known herd health program and dairy information management system. Designed at Reading University, UK.
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They "had gone down in an embrace never to be parted: living through again in one supreme moment, the days when they had clasped their little hands in love, and roamed the daisied fields together.
Glover felt that Marris was 'leading New Zealand's poetry along the daisied path of pallid good taste'.
A non-finito figure, the significance of which is to be completed by poet and Nature, this "helpless god of old, / Maimed mid the tender / Blossoming white and gold / Of April splendour," is about to be subsumed--"Deep in the daisied sod"--by a burgeoning organic world, when the poet rescinds the sentence: "Nay, broken God of Love, / Still must thou bide above, / While, left for woe or weal, / Thou has a heart to feel.