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Colloquial term descriptive of the segmented forms (merozoites) of the mature schizont of Plasmodium malariae.
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Referring to a pattern with a central mass surrounded, rosette-like, with oval structures that abut a central mass at one end
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Maggie's reunion with Tom, moments before their death, is portrayed as a return to the "days when they had clasped their little hands in love, and roamed the daisied fields together" (465).
Glover felt that Marris was 'leading New Zealand's poetry along the daisied path of pallid good taste'.
(40) Beverly Taylor makes the curious claim that "Arnold's Vivian liberates Merlin from debilitating passion into spiritual peace." This is an interesting reading of his imprisonment as liberation, which rests partly on the beauty and serenity of the physical space, the "daisied circle" (III.221), in which Merlin is forever caught.