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abbreviation for diffuse axonal injury.
A midwife in rural India
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Yn ystod y gyfres bydd Dai yn teithio o amgylch ffermydd ledled y wlad, o Gydweli i Drelawnyd, ac o Gyffylliog i Lanymddyfri gan ymweld a chymeriadau lliwgar amaethyddol Cymru.
In US, DAI and SK Telecom Americas (SKTA) will jointly set up a consumer applications development lab under SKTA's Innopartners program in order to recruit innovators to develop new 3D, virtual reality, image related applications for various markets including Mobile, Medical, Security and Automobile applications.
McCarthy advised me to come to DAI to retrieve the laptop, which I did.
During the Beijing Olympics in 2008, Dai was slogging it out at a modest British League meeting in front of a tiny crowd in Derby.
Mae Dai Jones wedi bod yn cyflwyno o'r Sioe Frenhinol ers 30 mlynedd For full coverage of the show, see next week's Daily Post
Tim Purvis, minister at Westview, Toronto, and the one who laid formal complaints against Dai with the Presbytery of East Toronto.
I've always found Dai, who hails from the Swansea valley, to be a hugely entertaining and determined character who invariably achieves what he sets out to do in life.
Dai, who arrived in Seoul on Saturday on an unannounced trip, called for joint efforts to prevent the situation on the Korean Peninsula from deteriorating, Hong said.
In an interview in November, Sir Dai said he was "riddled" with cancer.
Mr Devedlaka said Old Etonian Sir Dai was transferred to Edenbridge and District War Memorial Hospital, in Kent, six weeks ago, after staying at a hospice.
Yet while not denying the harshness of the time - re-education candidates are shown doing back-breaking mine labor and hauling foul buckets of raw sewage up steep hillside paths - Dai also manages to locate the nostalgic pleasures of youth as only someone who found them in the least opportune of conditions could.
In his meeting with Vice Foreign Minister Yukio Takeuchi, Dai also said China will continue cooperating with Japan to resolve the standoff over North Korea's nuclear programs, while expressing hope that Japan and North Korea will normalize ties, the official said.