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A violet dye, methyl-triethyl-amino-triphenyl-carbinol chloride. Also called Hoffman violet.
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DYFFRYN Gardens is recreating the 1914 dahlia trials this summer as the gardens burst with thousands of the flowers.
You can buy three tubers of Dahlia 'Bishop of Llandaff' for PS9.
Instead of lining dahlias out in straight rows for cutting or exhibition, many people are rediscovering the delights of this floriferous plant and are planting them into mixed schemes.
A BLOOMING great time was had once again at the 68th annual Eston and District Chrysanthemum and Dahlia Society show.
5 to 8 stems dahlias 5 to 8 stems calendula 8- to 12-inch vase with a narrow mouth 3 to 5 branches viburnum berries Pruners
Dahlia plants, which are grown from tuberous roots, range from 1 to 7 feet tall, depending on the type, and the tallest make good hedges, screens and fillers among shrubs, while the smaller types are used in decorative pots.
The garden has an 18th century sundial in the centre of the lawn and mixed border of herbaceous and shrubs, an annual topiary border with sweet peas and then we have the Dahlia Walk.
Last week Robert Nuttall from Cheshire asked if it was the right time to pot up dahlia tubers.
Dahlias have enjoyed renewed popularity over the last few years and this collection will add lasting impact to the back of your borders.