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Dual-Chamber and VVI Implantable Defibrillator. A multicenter study comparing dual-chamber (DDDR) implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) therapy with single-chamber (VVI) ICD therapy in patients with low ejection fractions (40%) and standard ICD indications
Conclusions Dual chamber rate responsive pacing as compared with ventricular backup-only pacing worsens the combined end point of mortality and heart failure-related hospitalization
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In late 2014 the DRS killed three JaK members, including the group's leader Abdelmalek Gouri, in Sidi Da'oud - a hill some 80 km from Algiers, where they had be-headed French mountain guide Herve Gourdel, 55, kidnapped in September.
Secure local sources told official Palestinian news wire Wafa that Israeli forces arrested Maher Mohammad Nobani, 38, Da'oud Abdul Rahman Zubedi, 32, Adnan Ibrahim Naghnaghyah, 43, Ahmad Ali Barakat, 22, Bilal Nader al-Sa'dy, 24, Mohammad Majed Abu al-Hayja', 25, Mohammad Ibrahim Sammour, 25, Jamil As'ad Abu Ali Abu al-Ghada, 48, and his brother Kamal, 25, after the forces raided Jenin refugee camp, accompanied by a military force: a Vehicle, two trucks and police cars.Sources also said that the Israeli forces raided the camp, and started to shoot sound bombs as well as raid the houses of the freed prisoners' parents and search through their belongings.
Many Shi'ite Arabs, including former national security minister Qassem Da'oud, have joined Sunni Arabs in calling for an extension of the American military presence in Iraq.
Shi'ite MP Qassem Da'oud said he had learned on March 8 from his coalition's observers that he had failed to win a seat in Najaf.
But hitting at Maleki assertions that security in Iraq had improved, independent Shi'ite MP and former national security minister Qassem Da'oud on Aug.
The detainees were identified as Naji Da'oud, 18, and Muhammad Rayyan, 17.
In May 2013, for example, Iran's Deputy Economy Minister Da'oud Manzour said the country's petroleum sector needed $200bn worth of investment by 2015 and $500bn by 2025.