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A gene on chromosome 16q24.3 that encodes a protein involved in forming the pre-replication complex required for DNA replication. CDT1 binding of geminin prevents replication, especially from initiating replication at inappropriate sites.
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We found that despite similar or less prominent levels of positive symptoms of psychosis and a similar number of relapses as assessed by changes in the scores of the BPRS (i.e., positive symptoms), compared to patients with a short DUP ([less than or equal to] 24 weeks) patients with a long DUP ([greater than or equal to] 24 weeks) were more likely to require hospitalization at the time of initial diagnosis, more likely to be re-hospitalized during the first two years of treatment, and more likely to have moderate to severe social dysfunction after four years of treatment.
``It is also no surprise to me that one of my opponents in Basingstoke wants me to stand down, but my decision to join the DUP Parliamentary team will make no difference to my constituents, who I will continue to serve faithfully.
If the vote fails to attract the necessary 60 per cent of unionist support, the DUP's ministers will step down but ensure that their ministries go to other colleagues on a rotational basis.
The DUP had not responded at the time of going to press last night.
They had to backtrack the following day after the DUP said no deal had been done.
"The Conservative Party at Westminster must be in dire straits to even consider a coalition with the DUP," he said.
Young protectors held satirical placards with messages like "Theresa May is Gay For the DUP" and "Pray Away the DUP".
A party who constantly misuse their veto in this way are not a party who share Stonewall's values or the values of most people across the UK." Despite Mundell's assurances, a former Cabinet minister suggested the DUP could be offered a Commons vote on reducing abortion rights in return for their support.
The old-school DUP have stood as a block to change for many years.
THERESA May's deal with the DUP means she will be able to form a minority government with the backing of the Northern Irish party.
DUP figures meeting in Omdurman October 24, 2015 (ST)