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Abbreviation for Doctor of Science.
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Abbreviation for:
decidual stromal cells
deep superior colliculus
Dental Service Committee
dextran sulphate cellulose
Director(ate) of Strategy & Commissioning 
Disability Services Centre 
DNA synthetic capacity
Doctor of Science
Down syndrome child
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Abbrev. for Doctor of Science.
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Today's DSP chips will invariably contain a multiplier; on-board random access memory (RAM) for data storage; and read-only memory (ROM) for fixed-coefficient storage.
* Power consumption -- e.g., millions of floating point operations per second (MFLOPS) per watt, an important military consideration -- is less in the DSP chip.
The speed of these operations depends on a variety of factors: DSP chip speed, the number of taps, and the number of bits of accuracy in each computation.
A company that claims to have produced accurate pattern recognition algorithms so tight that they can be fitted on an 8-bit smart card or in spare capacity on a DSP chip on a mobile phone is beefing up its management team in a drive to penetrate new markets.
However, to prevent a decrease in CPU and modem performance a separate, and less expensive, DSP chip is used to share the load.
Blue Wave Systems has launched new DSPs based on the C6000 DSP chip and its new dual processor PCI/C6600 DSP board.
This depends on whether the onboard processor is a DSP chip or conventional (Pentium-class) CPU.