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Abbreviation for Doctor of Science.


Abbreviation for:
decidual stromal cells
deep superior colliculus
Dental Service Committee
dextran sulphate cellulose
Director(ate) of Strategy & Commissioning 
Disability Services Centre 
DNA synthetic capacity
Doctor of Science
Down syndrome child


Abbrev. for Doctor of Science.
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Many times, functional blocks on a DSP chip reduce the need for separate external components that add cost.
If a design will process video information, for example, choose a DSP chip that includes video processing hardware accelerators.
Today's DSP chips are optimized for fast, efficient implementation of the digital manipulations required for processing of real-world sensor inputs in real time.
Both active and passive sonar signatures are analyzed using DSP chips.
Engineers tend to focus on a particular DSP chip and on the core algorithms--the critical loops--their application will run," noted Derek Leadbetter, Director of DSP Development Tools at Analog Devices.
This enables our customers to develop a cost-efficient end product with voice quality equal to that of CPUs without requiring a separate DSP chip.
This will, reportedly, be able to provide up to 16 times faster processing than conventional DSP chips, allowing such improvements as faster Internet access or multimedia web surfing over wireless connections.
The IDT 10G serial buffer, together with the PPS, provide base station vendors with a complete processing and storage solution to augment the necessary DSP chips," said Will Strauss, Forward Concepts' president and principal analyst, and foremost authority on DSP market trends.
It is available in various integration levels, such as AdvancedMC, PTMC and PCI form factor resource boards or DSP chips, which are pre-integrated with leading AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA and cPCI carrier boards and blades.
The market for DSP chips is dominated today by the communications and consumer segments.