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Abbreviation for Doctor of Science.
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Abbreviation for:
decidual stromal cells
deep superior colliculus
Dental Service Committee
dextran sulphate cellulose
Director(ate) of Strategy & Commissioning 
Disability Services Centre 
DNA synthetic capacity
Doctor of Science
Down syndrome child
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Abbrev. for Doctor of Science.
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If you buy a new VHF with DSC, it will for sure have a GPS outlet and cable to attach to your GPS--or, like Standard Horizon's GX-1700, it may have the GPS built right in--no wiring required.
DSC has embraced the philosophy of continuous improvement since its inception in 1960 with one facility on the south side of Chicago.
The optical performance of the DSC samples was measured using an optical spectrum analyzer (Figure 4), which provides highly precise transmittance and reflectance measurement.
DSC is used to evaluate the glass/phase transition temperature, the fundamental property which provides an insight in to the molecular architecture which points out to the overall clinical performance of the material.
DSC G7 staff and 1/4/75th continue to improve and plan the BCST program as a primary tool in exercising unit command staffs in the MDMP process.
The DSC 8000 and 8500 feature a second generation, power controlled double furnace, designed to provide the fast heating and cooling rates needed to understand how materials behave under different conditions.
Detailed DSC test procedures are given in the following ASTM methods:
DSC will provide state-of-the-art facilities for all major sports in the world and is the first ever purpose-built sports city.
Now DSC has appointed him technical operations director, with responsibility for operational aspects of product and technology development and day-to-day running of the plant at DSC.
* Seamless migration between the company's 16-bit micro-controllers and digital signal processing-enabled DSCs, providing a path to quickly respond to requirement changes and offering the scalability to serve many applications.
(Until then, digital cameras were exclusively for professional photographers.) With the DSC, users could now store, edit and exchange digital photos.
Dubai: The Health Regulation Sector of Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has issued updated standards for Day Surgical Centres (DSC) in line with international best practices.