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 (ʒ) (dr) [dram]
a unit of weight which, in the apothecaries' system, equals 60 grains, or ⅛ounce; in the avoirdupois system it equals 27.34 grains, or ¹⁄₁₆ounce.
fluid dram (fl dr) a unit of capacity (liquid measure) of the apothecaries' system, being 60 minims, or the equivalent of 3.697 mL. In Great Britain, it is the imperial fluid dram and is equivalent to 3.55 mL. See also Table of Weights and Measures in the Appendix.

dram (dr),

A unit of weight: 1/8 oz.; 60 gr, apothecaries' weight; 1/16 oz., avoirdupois weight.
Synonym(s): drachm
[see drachm]

dram (dr.)

Etymology: Gk, drachme, weight of the same value
a unit of mass equivalent to an apothecary's measure of 60 grains or 1/8 ounce and to 1/16 ounce or 27.34 grains avoirdupois. Also spelled drachm.


An obsolete pharmaceutical unit (3.88 grams, 60 grains).


(dr) (dram)
A unit of weight in apothecary measurement: 1/8 oz.; 60 gr. apothecaries' weight; 1/16 oz., avoirdupois weight.
Compare: fluidram


(dr) (dram)
A unit of weight: 1/8 oz.; 60 gr., apothecaries' weight; 1/16 oz., avoirdupois weight.
Synonym(s): drachm.

dram (drachm),

n a unit of weight that equals the eighth part of the apothecaries' ounce. Symbol ʒ

dram, drachm

a unit of weight in the avoirdupois (27.344 grains, 1/16 ounce) or apothecaries' (60 grains, 1/8 ounce) system; symbol .

fluid dram
a unit of liquid measure of the apothecaries' system, containing 60 minims, and equivalent to 3.697 ml. See also Table 4.3. Abbreviated fl. dr.
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