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Abbreviation for dry powder inhaler.
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A gene on chromosome 6pter-p21 that encodes desmoplakin, an obligate component of functional desmosomes that anchors intermediate filaments to desmosomal plaques. Desmoplakin’s N-terminus is required for localisation to the desmosome and interacts with the N-terminal region of plakophilin 1 and plakoglobin. The C-terminus binds with intermediate filaments.

Molecular pathology
DSP mutations cause several cardiomyopathies, keratodermas and paraneoplastic pemphigus.
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dry powder inhaler



An inhaler that administers tiny particles of medication to the airways. Dry powder inhalers are used to treat diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive lung disease.
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Thus, when the sample marked with 400 DPI was tilted by 10[degrees], several valleys were observed with a depth of ca.
Inflammatory infiltrate in hepatic lesions: The lymphocytes number (mean +- SEM) counted in the granulomas at 28, 77 and 90 dpi were 15.49+-1.37, 23.91+-2.35 and 66.05+-6.84, respectively.
"Our observation is that DPI is selectively attacking the cancer stem cells, by effectively creating a vitamin deficiency.
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Laboratory bioassays were conducted at both the DPI and TIF insectaries on the same days and using the same methods in environmentally controlled rooms (27 [+ or -] 0.5 [degrees]C, 70-75 % RH, a 14:10 h L:D photoperiod).
Referring to Pakistan's historic role as a major troop contributor to UN Peacekeeping Operations, Anwar said DPI needed to do more to project the UN's role and contribution to the maintenance of peace and security through peacekeeping, and not allow actions of a few to dominate the narrative.
Unites States-based Adamis Pharmaceuticals has received a notice of allowance that one of its patent applications for its proprietary dry powder inhaler, Taper DPI, will issue in the United States (U.S.
In February, personal income increased USD 54.3 billion, or 0.4 percent, DPI increased USD 47.6 billion, or 0.4 percent, and PCE increased USD 54.7 billion, or 0.5 percent, based on revised estimates.
It also comes with a variable DPI selector that can instantly alter your sensitivity for different in-game situations.
There are great implications for the DPI, Optimization and Policy industry, especially as virtualization moves to the Core Network.
Anti-influenza specific antibodies were detected in the serum as early as 7 days postinoculation (DPI), and the majority of the hens remained positive until 42 DPI.