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(dē-ŏk″sē-pĭ-rĭ-dĭn′ō-lēn, -lĭn),


A component of the structural matrix of bone, principally found in type 1 collagen as a structural cross link. It provides tensile strength to bone.

When bone resorption exceeds bone rebuilding (for example, in osteoporosis), Dpd is released into the circulation and excreted unchanged in the urine. The detection of elevated levels of Dpd in a concentrated urine specimen is used as a marker of ongoing bone loss in osteoporosis. Reduced levels of Dpd are an indicator of the effectiveness of therapies that reduce bone resorption (e.g., bisphosphonates).

The Dpd urine test is performed by obtaining the first urine voided by a patient on awakening—this ensures that the specimen will be maximally concentrated. The level of Dpd obtained is expressed in nmol of Dpd/mmol of urinary creatinine.


Abbrev. for Diploma in Public Dentistry.
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If the recipient of the SMS knows that they won't be in to sign for the package, they can text back and arrange for DPD to deliver on a more convenient date.
DPD says, unhelpfully, that it cannot offer a more specific time than this gaping 12-hour window.
The emerging Waste DPD will also be subject to further consultation in summer, 2009.
None of these women had high-turnover bone disease such as Paget disease; therefore, estimates of imprecision for high NTx or DPD results in this study are neither available nor appropriate.
The complete multi-carrier development platform has best-in-class dynamic performance, which reduces the time spent on component selection, interoperability issues and board layout while freeing design resources to optimize the DPD algorithms required by multi-carrier GSM and multi-standard SDR (software-defined radio) applications.
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The day-to-day variability for creatinine-corrected HelP has been measured as 28%, compared with 17% for DPD, 23% for NTx, and 24% for CTx (7).
Xilinx's latest CFR and DPD IP now support up to 100MHz of radio bandwidth in single RAT configurations in addition to supporting MC-GSM with frequency hopping in single RAT or multi-RAT configurations up to 75MHz.
By automating the delivery process, DPD aims to minimise costs and boost efficiency.
In an additional abstract published at ASCO, Wellstat will report data from a preclinical study examining the role of uridine triacetate in reversing 5-FU toxicity due to DPD deficiency.
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