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n the use of two or more processors in a system configuration. One processor controls the system, and the others are subordinate to it.
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TABLE 1 Credit unions using vendor online DP system Sample with % with automated DP vendor online Year system system 1994 10,542 30.
GE is up to the task: the DP system for the new accommodation vessel complies with DNV s DYNPOS-AUTRO notation.
With over 900 of our DP systems deployed worldwide, the training center in Egypt will add to our capability in training future mariners for more efficient and safe maritime operations and also help meet the needs of the offshore and petroleum services in the Middle East and beyond, added Schweikert.
Since its establishment, the academy has already trained over 400 students providing them accreditation to operate DP systems.
The first stage of the sea trials consisted of extensive testing of the DP systems and the electrical switchboards.
Getting optimal performance from the latest DP systems and deck machinery requires hours of hands on training, and doing so in a safe and cost effective training centre helps ensure crew members are better equipped to meet the real life challenges they face when out at sea, in often challenging conditions.
That is why we switched from RISC-based systems to Itanium 2-based DP systems to help design car ventilation systems.
We also have provided a sound base for the future by making significant investment in equipment, DP systems and personnel.
Over the next year we expect to double the size of our computing cluster as we design more advanced algorithms to process seismic data, and we need an interconnecting network that can deliver greater performance both today and as we continue to expand," said Mike Turff, global DP systems manager for PGS.
In addition, a significant technology scope of supply includes generators, switchboards, automation, navigation & DP systems, radio and satellite communications, networking and on board entertainment, safety technology and monitoring systems such as the advanced helideck monitoring system.
DP systems with classification 3 are the most advanced defined by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), and this is the first Rolls-Royce contract for DP3.
Our understanding of the training courses to be offered at the centre, will include the principles of Dynamic Positioning (DP) and the practical uses of DP systems amongst other courses, said in the letter signed by E.