DOT label

DOT la·bel

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) label shows the type of hazard, the U.N. hazard class number, and an identifying number.
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A problem arises with a novelty helmet when its manufacturer or distributor encloses or offers a DOT label separately for the consumer to place on the back of the helmet.
A DOT label must be affixed to the center, lower back of each approved helmet.
today announced that it had signed an agreement to acquire substantially all of the assets of DOT Label, Inc.
The DOT label on helmets constitutes the manufacturer's certification that the helmet conforms to the federal standard.
And having a biologically compatible quantum dot label also lets us further explore in vivo assays, following cells inside living organism to get a new understanding of life.
To our knowledge, our Biotin EviFluor is the first biotin quantum dot label produced using three semiconductor materials systems to achieve the widest range of wavelengths including near infrared," said Ballinger.
Some of the terms include Mylar labels, NHTSA labels, DOT labels, antitheft labels, VIN labels, high-theft line labels, and automobile tails.
Researchers have been seeking non-cadmium quantum dot labels for years.