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Purified human DNase I of known activity (1 [micro]L) was placed on the penciled spot on the CAM sheet with a Pipetman P2 micropipette (Gilson).
The SRED/CAM method is based on the fact that SG shows fluorescence only with unhydrolyzed DNA and not with DNA digested by DNase I (5, 6).
The within- and between-run imprecision studies were performed with the buffer described above and purified human DNase I at two selected concentrations (at the low and high ends of the assay).
There are two predominant DNases in human serum, DNase I and II (5, 9,10).
These properties of the SRED/ CAM method produced better results, and the assay was more rapid and sensitive for determination of DNase I activity in this study than the conventional SRED method.
The SG-SRED method is very sensitive and able to measure DNase I concentrations in the picogram range after incubation of 16 h at 37'C (6).
In conclusion, we have succeeded in developing a sensitive and rapid SRED/CAM DNase I assay method that is convenient and reliable for determining picograms to femtograms of DNase I in 1-[micro]L serum samples within 30 min.
DNase I isn't the only compound that clears cellular debris.
It remains unclear whether simply giving DNase I to lupus patients will help.
By using genetically engineered mice to measure the effects of DNase I, Moroy and his colleagues have opened a new area of investigation, according to Hess.
DNase I treatment thinned the lung mucus of all of the patients participating in the new study, Crystal and his colleagues found.
Crystal and his colleagues reported early results from the DNase I study at a conference on cystic fibrosis last year (SN: 3/2/91, p.