do not resuscitate

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do not resuscitate (DNR)

a legal directive indicating that the patient should not receive CPR in the event of a cardiac arrest. See no code.

do not resuscitate

See DNR.

do not resuscitate



An order stating that a patient should not be revived. It may be written by a physician at the patient's request. If the patient is not competent or is unable to make such a decision, the family, legal guardian, or health care proxy may request and give consent for such an order to be written on the patient's chart and followed by the health care providers. The hospital or physician should have policies regarding time limits and reordering.
See: allow natural death; do not attempt resuscitation
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Of those, 1,239 had a DNR order on the first day of ICU admission and survived the first 48 hours.
Following the incident, the nursing home has assured they would put in more efforts in educating its nurses on determining whether or not a patient or a resident has a DNR order or other directives.
5] It has been shown that many doctors and nurses feel unprepared to facilitate end-of-life decision-making and are unclear regarding some of the legal aspects of the DNR order.
Generally, a family request for a DNR order is honored if the patient is terminally ill or permanently unconscious or if a physician has determined that resuscitation would be futile.
To the right are Ann & Frank Barnes, whose daughter Megan, like Simon Crosier, was the victim of a secret DNR order.
Insights into Chinese perspectives on do-not-resuscitate (DNR) orders from an examination of DNR order form completeness for cancer patients.
The court held, among other things, that the standard of proof required for issuance of a DNR order is clear and convincing evidence, and the applicable standard is the best interests of the child test rather than a substituted judgment standard.
Like a DNR order the form tells HCP whether to or not administer CPR in the event of an emergency.
A DNR order is a decision only about CPR and procedures such as defibrillation and endotracheal intubation and does not relate to any other treatment.
10] The UK courts have allowed a DNR order to be issued, with the agreement of the parents, in respect of a 23-year-old patient who was not in a PVS but was born with severe malformation of the brain, had suffered from multiple disabilities since birth, lived in a nursing home, was regularly hospitalised, had no means of communicating with others, and appeared to experience acute pain.
MN: Drunk Driving/Death-Resulting Conviction: Decedent's DNR Order Did Not Impact Guilt
Healthy and critically ill patients who have a living will or a DNR order are at risk of not receiving the life-saving treatment that in fact they desire," study author Dr.