do not hospitalize

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do not hos·pit·al·ize

(dū not hos'pi-tăl-īz)
Written order indicating that a patient with a terminal illness is not to be admitted to a hospital.

do not hospitalize



An advance directive that explicitly limits the transfer of patients from the community to hospitals. Patients or their surrogate decision makers may choose DNH status when they hope to die in familiar surroundings or when they perceive further hospital care to be futile.
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For DNH orders, occupancy rate, FTE LPNs per resident, FTE nurse aides per resident, and bed size were significant, while for living wills, FTE RNs per resident, occupancy rate, and for-profit ownership were significant.
For example, why would medium bed size significantly affect the use of DNR orders but not the use of DNH orders or living wills?
The results for staffing levels for DNR and DNH point to a general case whereby when more staff are available, advance care plans are used more frequently.