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Ferguson The mark left by the DNA spray, which is unique to each shop or business, is then visible under a UV light which makes it much easier to identify criminals.
Tactics used to reduce crime include using cloak aerosols, tracking devices and DNA sprays to use on burglars.
SHOPS have started using new DNA spray technology to link looters and burglars to the scene of a crime in the wake of the violence last week.
I am pretty sure that is to do with the DNA spray being in place and the sign in the window warning potential burglars that the system is operating," he said.
A welsh company has come up with a crime-busting DNA spray.
He says he has now had his store fitted with a DNA spray above the doorway, which stains a criminal's skin and clothes with an invisible dye.
Fogging devices flood a shop with dense fog to disorientate burglars and DNA sprays above doorways stain skin and clothes with a unique, invisible dye.